Samsung 4k TV’s – Why you Should Buy One


The latest image technology in the market is 4k and it is rebuilding and redefining technology as you know it. Image quality is getting better by the hour and currently, 4k is allowing for four times better view compared to 1080p full HD. Imagine having an image detail of about eight million pixels. 4k television sets are already out in the market with major brands all seeking to capture a piece of the market. You will be able to view more detailed images that are clearer, smoother, as well as improved overall texture.

One of the major brands has embraced this technology and provided a set of 4k television sets. As one of the market leaders, Samsung has gone a long way in providing a variety of 4k TV sets to meet different consumer preferences and needs. The category varies in the size of the display as well as in the design of the television. Samsung 4k TV is uplifting the brand and with the latest versions coming with the curved panel. The display measurement in inches is on the increase with the release of newer models.

Some of the 4k Samsung TV sets that are taking the market by storm and causing a buzz within consumers include:

l The Samsung UE65HU8500

l The Samsung UE555HU8500

l The Samsung UE55HU8200

l The 4k UHD LED 9000Series Smart TV -55” Class

Some of the latest in the market include the:

l 4k UHD JU7500 Series Curved Smart TV – 65” Class

l 4k UHD JU7100 Series Smart TV – 65” Class

l 4k UHD JU6700 Series Curved Smart TV 55” Class

l 4k UHD JU750D Series Curved Smart TV – 65” Class


Looking at the TVs above from Samsung, you will be able to identify the ability to purchase both Flat-Screen television models as well as curved-screen television models. The common factor is that they all come with the 8 million-pixel capability for image viewing.

An added advantage that Samsung 4k televisions come with is their versatility as well as the feature that they are equipped to face future advancement. Their JS9000 and JS9500 series come as a package with a One Connect Box connection hub that allow you connect your A/V connection outlets. N addition, this side hardware comes with the televisions’ main processor, its graphics processor, as well as its memory capacity.

The reason these set of televisions are said to accommodate the future, is that the One Connect Box is replaceable. That means you get to retain your television but at the same time, you can upgrade to the most recent technology every time a new version is made available.

With the advancement in technology, you do not have to understand wiring so as to use these advanced set of televisions. They come with only one cable to connect the television to the hub. Setting up a new unit has become easier and faster and you will not need a technician to set it up for you. Samsung 4k TV sets are incorporating the newest technology and introducing some of the best designs to completely revolutionize your viewing experience.

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